Ministry Minded Solutions

It is our mission to make sure every ministry has the skills and knowledge to effectively use technology to further their mission


Who we are

Ministry Tech Solutions is a group of individuals who are experts in their fields and have been involved in ministry technology for several decades.

What do we do?

It’s quite simple really: we exist to help you use your technology to the fullest. This can be everything from helping you design a system, to coming up with a solution to helping you create content. Really all we want to do is help.

How much does this cost?

I would like to say “we aren’t in this for the money” but we all know that bills exist. Wanting to help goes hand in hand with wanting to make our help as accessible to you as possible.

Want to bounce an idea off of us? Not really going to cost anything, we love to gab tech. Want us to edit your sermon videos each week and create sermon series graphics? Well yeah, that is going to cost something and we will figure that out with you.

So let's get started

Click the link below to send us a message, or launch the chat in the bottom corner of the page to get started

Thanks again for meeting me at church last night. I can't believe how quick and simple that was. Have a blessed day!!

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